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Here at Creative Concepts South, we are a family owned business which began in the home of our owners' as a hobby and sharing gifts with family and friends.  Our products are labeled under the brand names of bodyElegants™ and homeElegants™.

We are passionate about offering our high quality bath & home fragrance products that are affordable and made in the USA by our dedicated team who are the driving force behind our work.  Every step throughout the process of creating our products and after many months of testing, we have created our collection of unique, all natural products infused with amazing fragrances and essential oils that have been selected to inspire and delight our lives.  Our small batch candles are delicately hand poured into their Elegant glass jars, made from the finest premium, 100% pure coconut wax.  Our candles are eco-friendly providing you with the comfort of a clean burn.  Our products are carefully handcrafted in house by people you can trust with ingredients you can trust!

Using our business background and our passion for fragrances, we are proud to be a part of a thriving business network who pay attention to product detail, quality and offer excellent customer service.   Our homeElegants™ products take you on a journey of inner peace while filling your home with a beautiful aroma.  Our bodyElegants™ products will awaken your senses,  providing a luxurious, sensual bath experience.






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