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  • hand-poured, small batch, pure premium coconut wax candles

    Fill your space with peace, comfort & tranquility, delivered to your door!

  • bodyElegants™ Bath Fizzy's, Shower Steamers & Bar Soaps are all natural and specially formulated to create a unique ambience to soothe, cleanse and relax the body & mind

    bodyElegants™ Bath Products are rich in Essential Oils, an abundance of organic Shea Butter, with a Burst of Fragrance designed to truly transform your Bath Experience.

  • Poured With Passion ....

    Relax and Unwind with the beautiful aroma of our homeElegants™ Candles. Experience unique aromas designed to create a calming and inviting atmosphere to enjoy.

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body&homeElegants™ candles are hand-crafted with pure premium coconut wax.

bodyElegants™ bath products are all natural, rich in essential oils, an abundance of organic Shea Butter, with a burst of fragrance.             

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