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Years in the Making ... Our Favorite Scented Coconut Wax Candles, Home and Bath Products

There’s a story behind our new coconut wax candles and all the amazing body and home products we offer, and it starts outside.

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by something that smelled so good you had to sniff around until you found it?

Maybe it was a gardenia bush or a stack of freshly laundered linens.

An aroma can transport us back to our favorite ocean getaway, or remind us of the 4th of July at Grandma’s.

Scents are powerful stuff. That’s what drew me to find a way to infuse my home and bath with the perfect scent, and what drove me to find the perfect ingredients for aromatherapy candles that bring a dance of light to my desk along with a pleasant memory.

I wanted to turn my bath into a spa and freshen up my basement with the scent of spring with Crisp Air Room Spray.

And now, after years of sharing these gifts with family and friends, our family has teamed up to bring these treasures to you as bodyElegants™ and homeElegants™.

Our small batch candles are delicately hand poured into their Elegant glass jars , made from the finest premium, 100% pure coconut wax.  Our candles are eco-friendly providing you with the comfort of a clean burn .  Our products are carefully handcrafted in house by people you can trust with ingredients you can trust!

Our homeElegants products take you on a journey of inner peace while filling your home with a beautiful aroma. 

Our bodyElegants products awaken your senses, providing a luxurious, sensual bath experience. Our Bath Fizzy’s and Shower Steamers are handcrafted, all natural products rich in essential oils, an abundance of organic Shea Butter, with a burst of fragrance.  Indulge yourself today in the splendor of our aromatic Bath Fizzy’s and Shower Steamers created to cleanse the body and mind.

We are pleased to bring you a collection of bath and home products that will bring joy to every day.  

Whether it’s our coconut wax Candles, Artisan Room Sprays or any of our products for the Bath, we are sure you will be delighted.  We take great pride in our products and service.

Give us a try this week, and Save 20% on your first order! 

Just a Scent away,

The body&homeElegants™ Family


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