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Tips for Removing Wax from your Wax Warmer

Tips for Removing Wax from your Wax Warmer
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Burning wax melts and candles is the perfect way to add scent to any space in your home. The small wax melts used in wax warmers are an amazing way to fill your home with luxurious scents and allows you to be able to frequently change the melts and burn any number of scents depending upon your mood. Here are a few methods for removing residual wax from your wax warmer;


  • One common method for removing wax from your wax warmer is to insert a spoon and scoop out the excess wax, than simply wipe out any wax residue in the holder with a paper towel. Please note that a spoon works well with softer waxes and you may need to use a butter knife for firmer waxes.
  • Another method is to place the warmer bowl in the freezer for a little while (1 to 2 hours at most or it could break); the wax will shrink in the cold and should pop out easily. If you have a glass warmer, be sure to let it completely cool before placing it in the freezer, and be sure to let it warm up to room temperature before putting it back on the warmer, or plugging in a warmer.
  • After your wax cubes are completely melted, shut off your warmer and carefully place one end of a ribbon into the wax. Allow the wax to cool completely and harden. Once the wax is solid, simply lift it out using the ribbon. If the solid disc breaks apart while lifting out the wax, simply pick out the broken off pieces.
  • For some soy wax melts, you can run hot water over the bowl and the hardened wax should create a soy oil film, slip out the remaining wax and wipe clean with a paper towel.
  • Our favorite wax melt removal method is after you have turned the wax warmer off, and the wax has started to cool. This method is best for the more experienced user as it’s easy to spill leftover wax, thus creating quite a MESS!  Carefully pick up the warmer bowl while wax is still somewhat melted (be sure to use a pot holder or dish cloth to protect your fingers from the heat), you can simply pour out any remaining wax and wipe the warmer bowl with a paper towel. You are now ready to pop in another melt of your favorite scent.

While these recommendations are great methods for clean wax melt removal, sometimes they may leave behind a little bit of wax still in the bowl. If there are left over bits of wax, gently scrape them out with a paper towel.

Disclaimer: Try any of the above methods at your own risk.


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